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This board is now obsolete and has been put in read-only mode. Please follow this link to reach the new forum and register a new account.


  • Heyo,

    on the 14.02.2019, at 10:00, a new Ikariam forum will be introduced, bringing together ALL Ikariam communities to one forum.

    Less active community forums will be merged into one large section of International, while each of the more active communities will be split into a separate section.
    • the new forum will go live on 14.02.2019 (some time around 10:00 CET)
    • every user who wants an account in the future forum of Ikariam will have to register in that new forum from then on
    • the old forums will remain in read-only mode after that point until 28.03.2019, any really important content (guides for example or introduction posts) they want to keep users will have to manually post over
      • same goes for teamlers and official posts such as guides and explanations

    We'll inform you as soon as we have new information

    Your Ikariam.Se Team