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Discount on: Resource Deliveries


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  • Tarodis -

    Posted the thread Rabatter Discount on: Resource Deliveries.

    Från den 14.12. kl 00:00 till den 16.12. kl 00:00 10% discount on : - Resource Delivery Wine (Normal) - Resource Delivery Building material (Normal) - Resource Delivery Crystal (Normal) - Resource Delivery Marble (Normal) - Resource Delivery Gold…
  • Mea1 -

    Replied to the thread Changing cities..

    It takes 220 ambrosia to move to a premium spot. The 15 you have listed is how much ambrosia is missing. So you are missing 115 for the premium spot and 15 for the normal one. Moving the town those not mean you have to expand your palace, founding a new…
  • zezima -

    Posted the thread Changing cities..

    Hey there, new to the forums so please mind if I post this at the wrong place. Anyway, just bought ambrosia cause I wanted to switch places with one of my cities to another spot. The spots costs 15 ambrosia or 115 for premuim spot. I myself have more…